Turtle’s Quest


"I'm in the middle of a very time sensitive quest...
and I should be home for dinner!"

The Kid

Turtle’s Quest

is an RPG tale following a kid landed on a remote colonized island, a funny pirate adventure of a Kid who’s looking for a treasure by looking for a turtle that he will have to save but first he must find.

Speak to people to retrieve informations, do miniquest to get possession of items, race foes and have some fun while learning some facts.

Pirate lingo is often used and learning it will be an advantage expecially in the following chapters as well as sea chanties or pirates (sailors) songs.

Here are two links to learn about pirates most common phrases :



The Quest

Turtle’s Quest

brings you back to the golden age of pirates.

Adventures, dobloons and thrills await whilst undisclosing the background story, the magic and the fun behind the journey. A young Kid (7) embarcs on a perilious quest to a remote island looking for a treasure...

'nuff said!

Keep at hand a Pirate lingo dictionary and be prepared to recognize and sing some classic sea shanties.

Don't underestimate your tasks: not everything is what it seems.


Where to play

This is not an AAA videogame...
...this is not even an AA videogame...
...this is just A videogame

We hope you understand the spirit of the game, of the team and of the effort
and you understand that you are playing and indie game with the expectations our means can allow.

Turtle's Quest is available in early access on Steam