Progress is changing

Sometimes things have to get really bad so we can find the courage to make a change. Of course, sometimes, that means that it is too late or near too late or that digging out of the hole is going to be massive. Still we have to find the courage to change in order to progress.

Being this postulate applicable to many aspects in life (including everyday habits that have impacts in family, society or climate) it is a good starting point to introduce the new initial menu’ of Turtle’s Quest.

New menu is animated, more eye candy more intuitive and easily interactable.

Of course some items must still be put on the map but, compare it to the old one…

Switching from Unity to Unreal required redoing almost everything but I’ve been toying with the though of redoing that menu many many times and never found the will to precede.
So, tearing apart the whole thing (being a videogame, an idea or a concept) may give you perspective and energy for a fresh start.