Climate movement, School strike for climate and kids

Off-topic about videogames and videogames development but not so off-topic about kids: what about the movement that Greta Thunberg is campaigning for globally?

Nobody read this blog but, if you’re here, I’d like to bring a little of your attention to the movement, the main problem and what that kid and those kids are doing.

Greta Thunberg
(source: Wikipedia)

First the movement: has been around for a wile now (since 2009) and done quite some serious stuff marching and campaigning and bringing to governments attention how seriously is been taking the problem.

Honestly I personally believe that governments wouldn’t be moving a finger about climate changes and environment problems if it wasn’t for the protesting masses and sure companies would rather be sleeping over it than adopting a green policy in producing their products.

This lead us to the main problem: environment and pollution. Is the main problem the governments not doing enough about it? Yes. Is the main problem companies not doing enough about it? Of course (since the governments are not forcing them to do something). Is the main problem us not doing enough about it? Sure (since government are not forcing us to do something).

So, I believe that people marching and yelling and rallying at the parliament are, in fact, talking to us more than our politicians. They’re trying to wake our consciences and our sense of duty. They’re appealing to us to join them in thinking about the problem and do something about it.

Now: Greta, the kids and School strike. How nice are that girl and the other kids doing what they’re doing? It’s awesome and sad at the same time that only kids have the willing to tell the truth for truth’s sake to those who have the power to do something.

How sad are those people criticizing the movement and the girl? As if Greta would be responsible for what’s should’ve been done by themselves.
The rate of polluting has been increasing since, say, 1800’s exponentially and many things have been done to reduce the effects on people: carbon fuel has been banned (not everywhere but, still…), lead use has been drastically reduced in products and fuel.
All those achievements have been accomplished after lots and lots of people died for the lack of knowledge, ignorance, companies lies and skepticism.

Amazingly (sadly) every day, people around the (developed) world choose to ignore the pollution problem and turn away for what is their problem.
And not just that: people condemn those who speak about it because they’d be better sleeping.

In the photo (source Wikipedia): Kids from Vicenza (IT) marching on March, 15, 2019.

Well, thank you people for trying to stop kids from doing their job: dreaming and asking – I can personally tell you that there will always be kids willing to dream, dreaming of a better world and willing to make their dreams come true.

In the meantime we will keep an eye on the movement, give it support for what we can (even try to keep our pollution down) and sustain those kids who are dreaming for them and for us of pollution free world.