Turtle’s Quest

“I’m right in the middle of a very time sensitive quest! And I should be home for dinner…”

The kid

Turtle's Quest map

Turtle’s Quest is an RPG tale following a kid landed on a remote colonized island, a funny pirate adventure of a Kid who’s looking for a treasure by looking for a turtle that he will have to save but first he must find.

Speak to people to retrieve informations, do miniquest to get possession of items, race foes and have some fun while learing some facts.
Pirate lingo is often used and learning it will be an advantage expecially in the following chapters as well as pirates (sailors) songs.

Here are two links to learn about pirates most common phrases :

We, the Kid’s Revolt guys, having fun making the game and making fun of ourselves

Turtle’s Quest is the video game we are making right now.

It’s a cool project that we are working on with passion and with the goal of having fun.

We’re not aiming to make millions out of it (though we’ll count on some revenew some day) we’re just willing to tell an original story in, what we think is,  the most entertaining and immersive way.

We can’t count on AAA resources, we don’t have AAA funds, we are not an AAA team so, don’t expect an AAA title.

Plus, we are giving this chapter for free.

We are doing all this for the fun of it and for sharing with kids (and grown up kids) from all over the world our passion.


“This is not an AAA game…


…this is not even an AA game…


…this is just A game”


We hope you understand the spirit of the game, of the team and of the effort and you understand that you are playing and indie game without any expectations other than giving fun.

Right now, Turtle’s Quest is undergoing a major lifting and bug fixing.

You won’t find it in Microsoft Store.

Soon you’ll find it in early access on Steam – you can send us your Steam account name to participate today!

If you want to get updates or participate, head to the forum.