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Just landed

Just landed

Just landed!      

3 August 2018 0
Sea Turtle

Turtle Thursday

I know I’m supposed to post original content, maybe in game turtles…ok soon I will. Happy Turtle Thursday!

26 July 2018 0
Turtle's Quest - Sceenshot

Screenshots here!

Here’s a fresh bunch of screenshot from Turtle’s Quest. As you know work is still in progress so some things could appear not so nice of weird. Let us know what you think. More information about Turtle’s Quest here.  

22 July 2018 0
Turtle's Quest - Prison

Screenshot time

Knock knock? This is the prison on Turtle’s Beach. Temporary without guards. Turtle’s Beach prison screenshot

18 July 2018 0
Turtle Emoji

Emoji day is gone

Yesterday was the world emoji day….didn’t know that.

18 July 2018 0
Grumpy Turtle

Turtle Thursday

Didn’t know there was event a thing like Turtle Thursday but I’m in!

17 July 2018 0