The big FNAF’s theory – 1st Nemo video on YouTube

If you like videogames like we do, you can’t ignore one of the most iconic videogames when it comes to tension and jump scares.

Five nights at Freddy’s – also knows as FNAF – is a phenomenon born in 2014 by the brilliant mind of Scott Cawthon and spawned a flourished franchise with sequels, spin-offs, fan-mades, books, gadgets and everything you can think about.

Commercial success? Sure but well deserved.

As many of you are, Nemo is a big fan of FNAF and he dug deep behind the scenes to analyze some theories, facts and Easter eggs just to discover more of his beloved characters.

I’m no so fond of spoilers and we made the video, as always, to do something funny to be shared so, I’m not going to anticipate much but just saying that it revolves around the bite of 87, Freddy, Foxy and Bonny.

I’m not going to tell you “like and subscribe” because you gotta do what you feel like but:

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I suggest you to watch it up close but…be prepared: there are jump scares!